Shaker Mountain is located on a secluded mountain top in Lebanon Springs on the site of an old Shaker Village, now called “Abode of the Message”. The address is 5 Abode Rd, New Lebanon, NY 12125


The best way to reach the mountain is by car. From North Brooklyn, it is a scenic 2h 45min drive along the Taconic State Parkway. Once you arrive, there is complimentary parking on top of the mountain. Car pools can be arranged by linking up with people via our Facebook page.


Greyhound from Port Authority to Pittsfield, MA. Takes approx. 5 hours with 1 transfer in Springfield, MA. Uber X (if available) is approx. $12 and is roughly 15 minutes.


Amtrak from Penn Station to Albany/Rensselaer.
The station is approx. 35 miles away and will take roughly 50 minutes by car.
Capital City Taxi Albany, NY. (518) 478-6994