YEAR TWO - 2018

Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium) 

Patricia (live)

Baltra (Baltra Music)

Ciel (Discwoman)

ex-terrestrial (1080p)

DJ Voices (Working Women, The Level Party)

CFCF (RVNG International)

Jex Opolis (Good Timin Records)

CMD (Jacktone, Sound Warrior)

Pascale Project (live) (Montreal)

Elisabeth Dalton (Montreal)

Gene Tellem (SOBO)

Kris Guilty (La Rama Records)

Will DiMaggio (Future Times)

Peter Fonda (Parka Records)

Toribio (Most Excellent Unlimited)

Nikki (Shaker Mountain, The Lot Radio)

Giugno (Shaker Mountain, Low Res)